Different variants of tomato ketchup packaging

It is no new news that tomato ketchup has been crowned as the king of the condiments; however, the condiment itself comes packaged in several variants. A majority of the people think that ketchup comes in a plastic bottle—while, it might be true, it is not entirely true. Ketchup comes in various packaging suitable for various settings. For instance, sachet ketchups can be taken with take-outs or, you can put them in your kids’ lunchbox then, we have large-sized gallons of ketchup that are primarily used at restaurants and cafes. Let’s have a look at various variants of tomato ketchup packaging:

1- Plastic bottle

It is by default the most common type of ketchup packaging, and almost every household prefers buying ketchup in a squeezable plastic bottle. They can keep it upright or upside down on the table, and they can squeeze it out for satiating their appetite. However, plastic bottles are only confined to houses and restaurants, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to keep ketchup bottles during a panic trip.

2- Sachet packets The tomato ketchup industry has grown relatively over the years, and it has resorted to manufacturing ketchup in small sachet packets that allow you to take them anywhere with you. The sachet packets are easy to open, and they contain a specific amount of ketchup to satiate your appetite. 3- Tin

While it may not be the most hygienic or practical packaging, a number of manufacturers provide ketchup in tins or cans. If you have gotten a hold on canned tomato ketchup, and you are not sure on how to use it—you can always transfer the tomato ketchup to ketchup bottles.

4- Large-sized container

The family-sized container contains 6L of ketchup, and it would last you for a long time if you store it properly. You can transfer the ketchup to small bottles for convenience.